Amanda Wentworth


photo of  Amanda Wentworth

Phone: (239) 821-6329
Email: [email protected]

Amanda has been in the boating industry for 18 years, and she has been a 100-ton Master License holder since 2003. She has traveled all over the world on the water and has completed over ten round trips from New England to the Virgin Islands. In addition to her Master License, Amanda has been a rescue diver since 1999 and has taught youths how to safely operate boats at a camp in Kennebunkport, Maine, the past two summers. Since 2002, Amanda and her husband Ben Wentworth have split time between Naples and Maine with Ben the Captain and Amanda the First Mate aboard the yacht M/Y Myeerah berthed at Naples Yacht Club. Since that time, they have been blessed with two beautiful children, Cullen (7) and Colby (5), causing them to seek a more land-locked occupation. Due to her love of water and teaching, Amanda would love to see a fleet of Catalina sailboats in the yacht basin for members to enjoy. She envisions the day where we may have sailing classes for both members and members' children and grandchildren at the Club. What a special treat it would be to have a Family Fun Day on the water every month.